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Ya3dag is based on the quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll. Below are some of the things added:

  • Terrain is the main enhancement. The terrain is created/modified in an integrated editor. Also models and entities are managed in this editor.
  • Quake2 and quake3 player models can be used as player figures and for NPC's (misc_actor). Quake3 player weapons are used for the quake3 player models.
  • Q3 texture-shader language support.
    Texture-shaders can be used for md2 models, md3 models, bsp models and terrain splatters. Not supported are the keywords for portals, mirrors, cubemaps and fog.
    Existing texture-shaders can usually be reused.
  • Smart NPC's. As models, any quake 2 or quake 3 player model can be used for them. Scripting fits the behaviour. The NPC's have a memory and the player can talk with them. There is a waypoint system managed by the editor. So the NPC's know where they are and where to go.
  • Integrated level editor:
    • Terrain creation/modification.
    • Texture the terrain.
    • Color the terrain.
    • Add splats to the terrain.
    • Wather, lava, haze.
    • Models of type .md2 .md3 and quake 2 .bsp are managed here.
    • Lights. Shadows are seen immediately.
    • Waypoints are managet here.
    • Settings for sun, weather, clouds, ...
  • Environment simulation. Day and night change. A day in game life corresponds to 24 Minutes. There is a sun and a moon walking over the sky. Rain, snow, lightning and clouds.
  • Physic simulation based on 'Bullet Physics Library' software.
  • New levels appear in the offer of the travel agency.


  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Win2000 or XP (Vista was not tested), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux
  • 512MB RAM
  • 200MB HD space
  • GeForce4 or ATi equivalent
  • OpenGL 1.3