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Roadmap in the future of Ya3dag.
I am very satisfied with the current state of Ya3dag. Nevertheless, there is always something new to do. Keep pace with the current state of the development or adding new capabilities. Below, I have my plans for the future of Ya3dag listed.

  • Change the compiler to Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008. This compiler is available for free.

    >>> Done, 15/1/2010. Available since Release V1.30.
    'Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition' was used to compile almost everything. Only the Qoole bsp editor is compiled with VC 6.0 because this application needs the MFC library which is not included in the 'Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition'.

  • Simplify the directory structure. The program sources will be relocated in the Ya3dag directory.

    >>> Done, 9/13/2008. Available since Release V1.02.

  • Gathering the Ya3dag specific tools and creating a zip package of sources.
    The tools are:
    • A qoole based bsp model editor.
    • A program to convert map files to bsp files.
    • A program to create the pkz files (minizip console application).
    • A program to collect the language strings.

    >>> Done, 9/13/2008. Available since Release V1.02.

  • Revision of the post-processing program code. The current program code is very slow. The CPU makes the calculations for the post-processing. The graphics card can work much faster.

    >>> Done, 9/13/2008. Available since Release V1.02.

  • Usage of md3 models for player and the NPC's (misc_actor). This kind of models allows for a greater diversity of the motions. Swimming, climbing, ...

    >>> Done, 5/31/2009. Available since Release V1.10.
    A side effect of the work here was the Q3 texture-shader language support.

  • Rework of the terrain display program codes. Merge the different textures of the terrain to a mega texture. Only one pass will be required in order to draw the terrain. This results in faster display of the terrain or a greater range of visibility.

  • Revision of light and shadow calculation program code. Currently, there are some attractive demos on real-time ray tracing. Maybe I can get anything out of it for Ya3dag. Real-time shadows would be very cool, without the annoying limitations of the methods used now.

  • >>> Currently in progress, 2/18/2013.
    Release already V1.41 shows realtime shadows.

  • Quake 3 style bsp models.

I think that the above list is enough for a few years of work. Monitor how point for point will be realized.