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Alpha is the joy of creation. Omega is the documentation.

There is some documention in the directory Ya3dag\RRGameDocs. Have a look at the README_Documentation.txt in RRGameDocs to see what's waiting for you .

Ya3dag, the manual


This manual describes almost everything you need to play Ya3dag. Take a glance at the manual before you start playing.

Ya3dag, Editor


An introduction to the level editor of Ya3dag.

Ya3dag, Scripting language. The source of intelligence.


At startup of a level, scripts are given to misc_actor (or other objects) as an argument. They determine the reaction of such an object to events. Scripts make an object smart.
Writing scripts is something for advanced people. You need knowledge of programming languages. In addition, you need experience in dealing with Quake2 objects.
Do you know how a targetname is used? OK, read on in this documentation. If not, look at the Lazarus documentation or learn more about this at an other place.

Ya3dag, Other tips. What you always wanted to know about Ya3dag.


This document describes some of Ya3dag things for which any other documentation is not the right place.

  • About books
  • About rolls
  • About recipes
  • Replacing or adding Content
  • Time length of the day
  • Notice of a level in the travel agency TravelOverland
  • Displaying a level-image while loading
  • .....